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Alpha to Omega is an organisation with nearly 30 years of experience in the field of special education and learning difficulties. We build and strengthen a student's cognitive skills and help them learn better.

At Alpha to Omega, we believe in the promise and potential in each human life. Our students are defined, not by their learning challenges, but by their character, their accomplishments and their dreams.

We began in Chennai, India in 1988. Since then, our mission and commitment have expanded and deepened in Singapore.

Over the years, we have served hundreds of students who struggle with dyslexia, autism, asperges, ADHD/ADD and specific learning difficulties, helping them to acquire the academic strategies and skills necessary to reach their academic potential and develop the self-confidence to succeed.

Our students have gone on to achieve school awards and pass their PSLE exams as they have developed confidence in themselves and mastered learning.

We do not accept the typecasting or generalizing that often occur for children with learning differences. Instead, we offer a welcoming and affirming environment where well-planned content is strategically customized and progress is continually monitored and refined. Each student is loved and cherished as an individual with particular needs and unique gifts.

This is the commitment of our mission to these children and our team.

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