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We are committed to working patiently and tirelessly with our students

The Alpha to Omega curriculum is designed in partnership with world-class institutions (The Feuerstein Institute, The National Institute of Learning Development, The University of Kansas) to support our students to learn better. In both individualized and small group settings, our students acquire cognitive support and academic strategies and skills necessary to bridge gaps and surpass expectations. 

All aspects of our approach are uniquely designed with the student's developmental needs at the centre - whether he/she is dyslexic, autistic, ADHD, faces a range of cognitive issues or has undiagnosed learning difficulties. With traditional teaching methodologies ineffective and academic challenges complex, it is the commitment of our teaching specialists to be both scientific and nimble, both demanding and gentle. 

We engage our children, motivate them, teach them tools to learn better and build their confidence in the aim of helping them gather the core skills necessary to learn content and develop through their age levels. 

We are committed to working patiently and tirelessly with children because we believe in their abilities. 

We are not willing to walk away without changing the life of each child.

Find out more about the services we offer at our Alpha to Omega Learning Centre.

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