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Alpha to Omega employs specific techniques that create relevance and purpose to a student's learning journey

Gone are the days when rote memorizing was a motivation in itself. Children with learning challenges struggle to learn in an environment of traditional teaching. 

Our world expects more from our students and our students must expect more from themselves. Success calls not only for the acquisition of knowledge and facts, but the ability to engage deeply in a task at hand, apply problem-solving strategies and work with others.

Alpha to Omega specialists make this possible by employing techniques that create relevance and purpose. Through these, students gain a deeper and clearer understanding of academic content.

How We Do This: At Alpha to Omega, we put together a range of the best techniques and learning strategies, specific for each student's level of development and goals. For instance:

For a student diagnosed with ASD, the intervention programme could consider Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment (for helping him/her understand social cues and the broader environment), together with NILD's language programme (for improving cognition, working memory, reading and writing skills). 

For a student diagnosed with dyslexia, the focus would be on NILD's language programme to provide a strong foundation in spelling, reading, comprehension and writing. This will be mixed with the multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham approaches. 

For a student in the Upper Primary or Secondary grade level, we would incorporate learning strategies from the University of Kansas SIM to give him/her the confidence and support to learn better, absorb and retain complex information and build written expression skills. 

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