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  • Is this the right time to seek support for my child?
    If you are starting to notice that your child is not developing in line with development milestones, this could be a good time to consider getting assistance to bridge your child’s gaps. It will be important to speak to your pediatrician to understand whether your child requires educational therapy (if he faces learning issues), occupational therapy (depending on his motor skills) and/or speech therapy (if he has difficulty speaking). It is always best to seek advice early in your child’s development so that the best support could be given to raise him to his potential. We recognise that each child is different and hence we would be happy to discuss your concerns and questions. Feel free to call us on +65 9388 0915 or meet us in person at our Upper Thomson centre. We will review your child’s case history, provide you with our advice and how we or other third party specialists could help your child.
  • How Does ATO Support Parents?
    A positive relationship and open communication with Alpha to Omega parents is one of our top commitments. Parents can expect timely communications and regularly scheduled Parent-Teacher meetings so that parents are aware of the progress their child is making and how the Alpha to Omega team is working with their child.
  • Is ATO a tuition centre?
    Alpha to Omega is not a tuition centre. We do not use traditional teaching methods that focus on the memorisation of facts. We believe that children do not learn effectively this way. Our research shows that if students memorise facts, the retention of these facts is short-term. We work with children with learning difficulties. We use well-established intervention tools to help children progress from where they are, motivate themselves and surpass expectations. We come with a proven track record of success.
  • I feel my child is not developing in line with his peers. What steps do I take from here?
    ​It is important that you seek support and advice from specialists who will be able to guide you on how you could help your child. One point of contact could be your pediatrician. If you do believe you understand the issues your child faces, please feel free to speak to us. We would require a brief case history of your child. We would consider an informal screening battery to understand what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are and to recognise your child’s potential. From here, we would put together a set of recommendations that will formulate a short-term and long-term education plan for your child.
  • My child is in school and is a struggling learner. Is it too late to get help for my child?
    It is never too late to help a child learn better and learn differently. Your child is probably a struggling learner because traditional teaching methods are not helping. This is why we work closely with the student and the parents to help the student learn more effectively. At Alpha to Omega, we work with children from the ages of 4 onwards. At the pre-primary level, we aim to get the student ready for school. This could involve social and emotional support and/or literacy and cognitive support. At the primary and secondary school levels, we use a range of techniques to improve students’ language skills (verbal and written), increase confidence and motivation to learn, improve focus and attention and provide strategies to help students attain the academic knowledge required to progress through grade levels.
  • How are ATO professionals prepared?
    Alpha to Omega adheres to strict and thorough interview and hiring practices. We are proud of our distinguished teaching specialists. Each one completes intensive requisite courses and engages in ongoing professional development opportunities so that each teaching specialist is a certified educational therapist.
  • What makes ATO special?
    An excellent learning experience is defined by the quality of education, environment and level of service. At Alpha to Omega, we have elevated the landscape of each of these. We work with some of the best international education institutes to bring proven intervention techniques that help a multitude of children with learning difficulties. These children could include those diagnosed with ASD, dsylexia, dyspraxia, asperges, ADHD/ADD, or children who are “at risk” or struggling learners at school. We are the only learning centre in Singapore that brings the NILD approach to literacy and the well-established Kansas University Learning Strategies to help students learn and apply critical academic content better and more effectively. We also use Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment to improve the cognitive functioning of students.
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