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Founder's Letter

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For nearly 30 years, we have served students with learning differences.


For over 25 years, we have served students with learning differences. We have seen them flourish and aspire, to become joyful and contributing members of their families, their communities and our world.

While it is tempting to regard learning challenges as barriers or compromises, at Alpha to Omega, our proven success is having embraced not what is difficult, but what is possible in each human life. With our unique approach, we are founded on Belief and Commitment toward the healthy evolution of academic and personal success.

Our team of teaching specialists passionately aligns themselves with our mission and will not compromise on technique, strategy or hope for the students we serve. Our methodologies stand on the cutting edge of educational practices and have a proven track record of success. 

We are grateful for our partnership with international pioneers in the field of educational research and learning development (such as, The Feuerstein Institute, The National Institute of Learning Development and The University of Kansas) and we are grateful for our proven past which has inspired us to expand our efforts to Singapore and the opening of our learning centre here.

Above all, we are inspired by the children we serve.

Sharada Selvanathan & Lalitha Ramanujan

Co-Founders of Alpha to Omega, Singapore

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