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Our mediated learning and multi-sensory approaches create the right environment for students with learning challenges to progress and build academic confidence.

The curriculum at schools now calls for teachers to prepare students in content-rich and knowledge-intensive information and thinking skills. This means that there is now a higher expectation for problem solving vs. the memorization of facts. 

National educational bodies are calling for more rigor, relevance and results in education, suggesting that critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication are a fundamental part of a student's learning process. The higher expectation and new requirement for children mean that new approaches to teaching are required. 

With this, ATO brings well-established teaching techniques and learning strategies to the child, developing cognitive strategy skills and working habits that can then be applied to a broad range of learning situations. 

In service to our mission of helping students with learning difficulties, all our learning programmes are designed to support and elevate the promise and potential in each of our students.

Our techniques and approach are strategically customized to be responsive to their needs and to create the most effective and sustainable progress possible. There is ongoing monitoring and assessment of student progress and the acquisition of academic and social tools is central to our work with students.

Our curriculum and pedagogy draw from esteemed and proven sources and partnerships which include:

See what your child's journey at Alpha to Omega entails. 

You may contact us at any time for further information on our services and approach with these and other Alpha to Omega programmes.

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