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Ramani DeAlwis

ATO Advisor

Ramani has over 30 years of experience as an educator and school administrator from her time in New York City, USA. She is an inspired and visionary leader and ran the Alpha to Omega Centre at Thomson since inception. She is currently an advisor to the Alpha to Omega team.

Prior to her time at Alpha to Omega, Ramani was the Founding Head of a private Middle School in Connecticut, USA and was Head of School for an independent school in New York City for two decades. She has built and led sustainable and unique educational communities, spearheaded curriculum design, and overseen faculty development and the management of finances.

Her accomplishments include representing Montessori at the United Nations as a NGO for 2 years, serving as an Educational Consultant for private and charter schools, as well as being guest speaker at National conferences in the USA. She has served on several search committees for hiring new Heads of School, and has been a member of the evaluation teams that accredit independent schools in New York City.

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