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5 week course: 4 weeks online & 1 week residential

  • Ended
  • Orchard Road

Service Description

This course introduces and develops the foundational methodology for training students in the "how to learn", using the first level of NILD Educational Therapy techniques. The techniques focus on strengthening and moulding the student’s current cognitive systems to greater efficiency. Three learning components are addressed during this course: PHILOSOPHY • The underlying premise of NILD instruction is the theoretical position that every learner can improve in cognitive, academic, perceptual and emotional functioning. ASSESSMENT • A combination of psychological and educational assessments reveal patterns of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Informal tests are used to support and clarify student profiles. INTERVENTION • Specific intervention is designed to address particular learning needs with the intention of targeting and developing areas of cognitive vulnerability. OBJECTIVES This course will equip the educational therapist to: • Identify and assess a student’s learning needs • Create and implement educational therapy plans utilizing the NILD techniques that enable students to succeed in the classroom and in life UPON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THIS COURSE, THE EDUCATIONAL THERAPIST SHOULD BE ABLE TO: • Demonstrate an understanding of NILD philosophy and methodology • Understand the comprehensive approach that develops learning through perception, academics, cognition and emotions • Explain the differences between NILD methodology and tutoring • Understand how reading, spelling and math can be impacted by improving cognitive functioning • Identify learning challenges and apply specific tools to develop and enhance thinking skills • Design an educational therapy program according to the strengths and vulnerabilities determined by assessment and implement an effective intervention program • Begin to assess students annually • Develop literacy skills in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics and syllabication • NILD LEVEL 2 and 3 courses are available for successful participants and practising therapists of NILD LEVEL 1. Each of the NILD LEVEL 2 and 3 courses take place over 5 weeks.

Contact Details

  • 583 Orchard Rd, Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884

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